Are you struggling to define a people

and change management strategy?

People and Change

At Watershed CI we all believe that business transformation and strategy execution is most successfully delivered by harnessing the energy, intellect and commitment of people.

We have helped our clients with a wide array of complex business and technology transformations, including:

  • Post-Merger Integrations
  • Technology Implementations
  • Real Estate Strategy and Relocations
  • Policy Changes
  • Operational Improvements

Our experts have seen successful change achieved through employees adopting and sustaining new behaviors, but know this doesn’t happen overnight and can’t be approached in a haphazard manner. Watershed CI enables organizations to approach the people component of their initiatives thoughtfully, with structure and confidence.

Watershed CI supports all aspects of engaging and developing people so that they can flourish through change and transformation. We bring our clients the specialized knowledge, experience, skills, resources, tools, methods, and frameworks to make their change successful.

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change management

Change Management

At Watershed CI we are passionate about thoroughly and effectively engaging people in transformative change. We can help your organization adapt to, adopt, and sustain changes with minimal disruption to day-to-day operational performance.

CMO Services

Establish, grow, or increase the maturity level of your change management office through the application of Watershed CI’s proprietary Change Office Advantage Framework.

People Growth

Drive transformation through your people; empower them through sustainable and experiential learning and development programs, which are tailored to meet your unique business needs.


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