Do you struggle

to make change stick?

Customized and People Focused Change Management for Your Organization

Organizational change by its nature is unpredictable, as every organization is made up of unique individuals and presents its own distinct set of challenges. While the past decade has seen increased acceptance of the importance of organizational change management (OCM), the type of OCM used is a key factor when it comes to results.

Watershed CI’s Change Integration™ is our own people-focused approach to change management. We find the ideal processes, tools, and best practices needed for a client to achieve successful project outcomes and benefits realization. This flexible approach allows for a solution that fits an organization’s individual needs and culture, and can provide a sustainable transformation.

Watershed CI Change Management Means:

  • Comprehensive and people-focused solutions
  • Conscious inclusion of cultural considerations and attention to the distinct set of challenges present in each unique workplace environment
  • Clearly presented framework and deliverables, with meaningful goals
  • Adaptive and agile solutions that maintain transitional momentum
  • Focus on sustainment and ensuring change sticks after implementation
  • Enabling leaders to act as change sponsors and change agents, through alignment and coaching support

Making Change Successful

Even in an ideal corporate environment organizational change elicits groans from stakeholders and employees; it results in obstructive behavior as people struggle to adjust, regardless of the benefits for those individuals and the organization itself. This causes confusion and resistance, which ends in initiative delays and derailment.

Evidence shows that having a visible and active change sponsor is one of the biggest keys to avoiding change resistance, so our experts work with leadership and other key influencers through alignment and coaching. We work one-on-one with change sponsors, engaging people on all levels, to create solutions that are the right fit for that organization.

Change Management Benefits Your Organization:

Savings of Time and Money
Higher Change Adoption Rates
Motivated Employees
Involved Stakeholders
Fully Realized Goals
Improved and Lasting Organizational Strength

Watershed CI’s goal is to bring our clients success that lasts beyond when their initial success is achieved. Real transformational value is in the sustainability of that success. Our passion is using our experience to create client solutions that perfectly fit an organization’s needs and provide continued benefits.


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