Case studies

As experts in the field of Change Integration™, we recognize that one size does not fit all. Each client comes with distinctive needs, culture, level of maturity and tolerance for complexity. We weigh these factors when selecting the appropriate solution—this ensures the suite of deliverables achieve high-quality, customized results.

PM Methodology Development
and Implementation

See how Watershed CI helped create a Client Project Management Methodology that integrated the client’s unique needs with industry best practices.


Discover how Watershed CI delivered a change management strategy to a rapidly growing Canadian insurance company.

Customize and Implement Critical PPM Components

Understand how Watershed CI developed a customized Project Portfolio Management framework for project prioritization and selection.

Business Transformation Program

Learn more about why Watershed CI was selected to provide Program and Project Management advisory and specialized services to the Mining Act Modernization Project.

Enterprise Program and
Portfolio Management System

Find out how Watershed CI helped deliver a leading enterprise Program and Portfolio Management system to a major Canadian chartered bank.

Change Integration™, Advisory on
Transformations and PMO Practices

Find out how Watershed provided change management support and became a senior advisory resource for the the Information and Information Technology department.

Post Implementation Review
of Acquisition

Discover how Watershed CI delivered a review and recommendations of a large and complex integration initiative.

End-to-End Project

Learn more about how Watershed CI developed a customized Project Management Methodology to streamline processes and improve communication.

Using Strategic Initiative Management to Create Change

Learn more about how Watershed CI supported the Women’s College Hospital using our strategic initiative management in its mission to become a self-governed healthcare facility.

Vision and Strategy for
Corporate PMO COE

Discover how WCI leveraged our proprietary tool, The Project Office Advantage™ (POA), to guide Amgen through their strategic change.