People and Change + Project Leadership = Successful Change Integration™

Discover the Watershed CI Difference

Watershed CI is a Toronto based management consulting and advisory firm, which works with organizations and leaders to drive lasting transformational change that delivers results. We specialize in the strategic execution of business and IT transformations, and have deep expertise in a variety of industries, including the Utilities, Financial Services (e.g., Banking, Insurance), and Public sectors.

We believe that lasting transformational change is only possible when both Initiative Management or PMO Services, and Organizational Change Management (OCM) work in concert—which we call Change Integration™ (CI). Our CI approach and methodologies rapidly instill change throughout organizations comprehensively—early, often, and strategically—to ensure those changes last.

Results That Work

Our methods are proven, our use of best practices and expertise to create adaptive solutions for organizations across a variety of industries has brought our clients success time after time. We pride ourselves in working with organizations to help them fully realize the benefits of their strategic change initiatives, bringing them customized solutions that provide maximum returns and results.

Each organization comes with distinctive needs, cultural considerations, levels of maturity, and tolerances for complexity. Watershed CI is able to identify and weigh these factors to select the appropriate solutions and ensure meaningful results, no matter what your organization needs.


Are you ready to learn how Watershed CI’s experienced professionals and specialized approach can help you save time and deliver meaningful results?