Industries We've Helped.

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Our Industries Expertise

Over the years WCI has helped hundreds of clients achieve success with a wide range of transformation services across both Canada and the US. We have expertise that spans a multitude of industries, and pride ourselves in providing customized solutions that incorporate our knowledge of an organization’s unique environments and concerns.

Energy and Utilities

From upstream power generation to consumer utilities (e.g., gas, electric), WCI has helped a number of energy and utility companies reach their transformational goals. We realize the potential impact changes have in this industry on the daily lives of both customers and front line staff.

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Financial Services

WCI has industry experience working in both Canada and the US, spanning everything from capital market to retail banking, as well as all major types of insurance. We have worked with Fortune 500 organizations on multi-national, global regulatory and compliance related operation projects, such as anti-money laundering (AML).

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Public Sector

We have worked in the Public sector on every level, including: municipality, provincial, federal ministries, agencies, and crown corporations; and are very familiar with navigating the struggles that come with being accountable to politicians, the public, and by-laws.

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We’ve used best practice standards to create successful transformations in this highly dynamic industry, which often has multi-national and global stakeholders to account for, as well as front line management and staff.

Higher Education

Academic institutions are highly diverse, with the unique challenge of being accountable to not only current staff, faculty, and students, but both their community and alumni as well. Additional considerations include the general public, as a source for prospective students, faculty, staff, and donor support.


WCI has worked with hospitals, primary care networks, and healthcare administrators to create transformational solutions that address the widespread change technology has brought to the healthcare industry. We are always mindful of the way change impacts healthcare practitioners, administration, patients, and staff, as well as general operations.

Home Services

This is an industry in which we excel at bringing focus to operations across support, office, and field environments. We have experience in everything from home security to appliance repair, with an eye on business drivers, such as customer service and efficiency.


Every member of WCI has a passion project close to their hearts and enjoys partnering with organizations that strive to give back and raise awareness. We’re aware of the widespread impact even the smallest of transformational changes can have on so many.


Technology and customer demands are driving organizations within the industry to strike a balance between e-commerce and their brick-and-mortar presence. WCI has helped organizations clarify their needs and create flexible transformation solutions that adapt as the market changes.


WCI has helped organizations turn decisions made in the corporate world into successful transformations for all stakeholders, from unionized and blue-collar workers through relevant parties on the global-supply chain.

Construction and Engineering

Construction, construction services (e.g., waste management, environmental waste management, heavy equipment leasing), and engineering is often primarily focused on tasks and numbers. We have experience striking the balance required when addressing the industry’s need for precision, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Transformation in this industry involves large and expensive projects that are open to public scrutiny. Our experience spans everything from building and maintaining infrastructure, to subway and rail expansion.