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eBook: The Future of Work

If there’s one thing we can hope to have learned from 2020 so far, it’s to expect the unexpected. Change has been constant from one month to the next, leaving a lot of us struggling to keep up. It’s gotten to the point where many of us loathe seeing yet another COVID-19 email, or are having to distance ourselves from the news or social media in order to get a break.

If you want the most effective tactics for your team when developing your Program Management approach, download our eBook, “Program Management Best Practices,” featuring 3 case studies.

eBook: Change Management Office (CMO)

Gathering information from both outside resources and our own experience at WCI, our experts have worked to compile a more detailed analysis of change management solutions for our clients, as well as others interested in change management.

eBook: Program Management Best Practices

As strategic initiatives increase in complexity and scale, organizations are adopting a program management approach – combining related projects under an overall program rather than engaging in isolated individual projects.