The Future of Work: A Guide to Building Understanding and Resilience

Last month we asked ourselves what comes next, and took a brief look at returning to the workplace. How much change has happened since then? How much change will we continue to face, both in our personal and professional lives?

Change is here to stay, and it will remain the constant when discussing the Future of Work. So how are organizations supposed to cope, and moreover, how are they supposed to build a more solid foundation and future when faced with continuous change?

The Future of Work has always been a topic of interest for WCI. We set out earlier this year to write an eBook for organizations preparing themselves to manage the changes they might face as they adapted to new industry standards and an evolving workplace.

Then 2020 went into high gear. To paraphrase Roy Scheider in Jaws, “we were going to need a bigger book.” How are organizations supposed to cope when change is constant?

Taking Back Control

We’re so used to a steady rate of change that the accelerated pace of it this year seems disorienting. Many organizations are having to react quickly in order to stay in business. Leadership hasn’t had the luxury of time when making vital decisions to help keep their organizations going.

What’s needed now is for organizations to regain control over how change effects their businesses, their employees, and their leadership. They can do this by better understanding both change and how to manage it, as well as building up their organization’s ability to deal with any and all changes, no matter what the source.

To help with that, we’ve created the eBook “Organizational Change and the Future of Work: A Guide to Building Understanding and Resilience.” It’s a starting point for organizations seeking to:

  • Gain an understanding of change and its impact in the workplace
  • Explore the issues most likely to impact their organization from a change perspective
  • Improve their ability to manage change and mitigate change-related risks

Furthermore, we hope that it empowers leadership to feel more in control when dealing with change, and gives them focus when looking at their own organization’s future.

Guidance and Support

This is a free resource aimed at guiding and supporting organizations dealing with change, both over the short and long term, which includes:

  • Applicable information and questions for leadership
  • Talking points which will help businesses gain both perspective and insight when it comes to recovery and preparation for the future
  • In-depth analyses of crisis-related change and its effect on the workplace
  • A high level break down of topics vital to better understanding the Future of Work as it pertains to an individual organization or business
  • Suggestions for both focused and long-term recovery, as well as building resilience

Every organization is different. They will all have their own needs, their own challenges, and have had to deal with the circumstances of this year in their own way. Our Future of Work eBook was created with this in mind, to assist organizations manage change from their own perspective.

We’re always here to help you should you need advice or assistance as you move your organization forward. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns you would like to address, or to talk about gaining control over what the Future of Work will look like for your business.


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