Our mission is simple: to help our clients build value through
more effective execution of strategy.

Our values

These values underpin the extraordinary culture we enjoy at Watershed CI; a culture which we love to share with our clients and partners.

  1. Clients first – Our ethos is to make every client a reference; we define ourselves by the outcome of the contributions we make to our clients’ success and the long-term partnerships we build.
  2. Integrity – Be honest about our capabilities. Keep to our commitments. Do the right thing, first time, every time. Our reputation and our clients’ trust are everything.
  3. Ethics – Hold ourselves to the highest standards of behavior. Always act to maintain our clients’ best interests.
  4. Open and honest communication – Speak the truth and be prepared to listen to it. Be respectful of other opinions.
  5. Excellence – Give of our best. Strive to identify and provide customers the insights and contributions that they really need.
  6. Teamwork – Show concern and support for each other. Bring out the best in each other. Develop better solutions through shared knowledge and skills.
  7. Personal development – Invest in our people. Constantly learn from experience and education. Identify, capture and share knowledge and insights.
  8. Enjoy our work – Share our passion for our work, people and making a difference for our clients.

Our core beliefs

How we help our clients execute their strategy, deliver change and transform their business is driven by our core beliefs.

  1. The challenge with strategy is executing it well.
  2. All strategy is change.
  3. All change is about people.
  4. Change isn’t “managed”; it’s inspired.
  5. People own the change they help create.
  6. Successful organizations build change capability and resilience.
  7. Effective risk management leads to better results.
  8. Great initiative management is based on great leadership.
  9. Long term partnerships enable us to do our best work for our clients.
  10. We must leave our clients in a better place.
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