Watershed CI's Project Office Advantage™

For many years now, constant change has characterized the economic climate. Ever-increasing competitive pressure, globalization, and pervasive, disruptive technology compound to create an atmosphere of uncertainty. To respond, organizations are pressured to develop strategy at a faster rate – often without aligning proper execution and oversight. The challenge for businesses today – creating an organizational structure which can turn strategy into concrete results. A Project Office (PO) is the most compelling organizational structure available to execute on strategy. When tailored to your organization and built to incorporate flexibility, POs provide significant competitive advantages, including:

checkmark  an internal locus of control for the governance and execution of corporate strategy;

checkmark  visibility into progress and outcomes through clearly defined measures and reporting;

checkmark  functioning as a centre of expertise in support of practitioners.

In many cases POs have been built as a tactical solution to solve an immediate crisis and not with clear strategic vision and purpose. Over time these POs may lose focus, become unwieldy and overly complex.

As a result, many more POs fail than succeed.

The Project Office Advantage™: The Model

Our Project Office Advantage™ model allows our clients to create POs tailored to the specifics of their organizations and grow project capabilities that suit their needs. Based on our core principle of Change Integration™, we embed people change aspects within our Project Office Advantage, providing our clients with enhanced adoption and resulting initiative success. The Project Office Advantage™ model spans the full spectrum of PO development, from a specific component to total, integrated, end-to-end capability. We’ve built the model with scalability and flexibility in mind; as such, it accommodates any stage – including creation, evolution and assessment – as well as ongoing maintenance.

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