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Gain Focus and Move Forward with Project Leadership

Organizational success is achieved through the progression and evolution of that organization via effectively executing strategies, both to keep up with client demands and industry standards. This is extremely difficult. Ideas can be conceived and projects created to achieve them, but countless considerations and challenges will appear along the way.

project leadership, large ship leading small ships

These can Include:

  • An unseen gap between strategy formulation and execution.
  • Keeping up with industry demands while balancing operational needs.
  • The bulk of allocated project funds going to those that are most persistent, not those that need it the most.
  • Balancing increased work volume, daily operations, resource availability, status, and performance.
  • Accounting for the immediate and widespread impact of any and all changes.

Project and Program Management

Project and program management services to guarantee that the leadership, disciplines, and controls are in place to realize the benefits of your investment.

PMO Services

Watershed CI’s Project Office Advantage™ framework ensures your PMO is operating at the necessary level of performance to facilitate your portfolio’s successful delivery year upon year.

Portfolio Management

Watershed CI leads portfolio management initiatives that safeguard your suite of projects and programs, making sure that they truly deliver on your strategic objectives

When issues are not accounted for, or are not addressed comprehensively and effectively, they result in poor execution, project derailment, missed goals, and the wasting of resources. Outside assistance with project leadership can cut through these challenges by applying established methods, deep knowledge, and the unbiased expertise needed to make strategies successful.

Our Project Leadership

  • Successfully Moves Strategies from Ideas to Execution
  • Brings Focus to What’s Important
  • Leverages People, Processes, and Tools to Maximize Achievement
  • Tailors Best Practice Frameworks to an Organization’s Unique Needs and Priorities
  • Maintains Objectivity
  • Identifies and Mitigates Risks to Reduce Costs and Deliver Objectives
  • Constantly Monitors and Adjusts Course to Ensure Goals are Achieved


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