Do you struggle to define or implement

an effective project management methodology?

Project and Program Management

The majority of projects and programs that fail do not meet the simple metrics of being on time and on budget, and lack appropriate scope and quality control. Even those that do meet these standards can fail to deliver the benefits envisioned or goals set, never achieving successful completion.

Applying a structured and disciplined approach to executing change in an organization through project and program management significantly increases the likelihood of success; which is why we have seen an industry-wide increase in the investment of organizations into building capabilities in these practices.

Watershed CI has decades of expertise in the arena of project and program management. Based on that expertise and leading industry knowledge, we have found three contributing factors in higher rates of project and program failure:

  • Too much focus on process and too little on outcomes.
  • Broad and standard approaches which ignore an organization’s unique needs.
  • Project and program practitioners that lack expertise, rely heavily on theory and fail to apply practical approaches to problem solving.

To combat those factors, our project and program leadership provides experts that:

  • Have a depth of knowledge and experience in a broad range of industries.
  • Bring a practical and pragmatic approach to the table.
  • Provide end-to-end solutions, assist with specific stages of execution, or offered area specific guidance (e.g., risk management, benefits realization, etc.).
  • Tailor frameworks to an organization’s unique needs and circumstances.
  • Establish true success criteria, with focus on project/program objectives and benefits.
  • Take a comprehensive holistic approach to change through people, process, and tools/technology.
  • Practice dynamic risk management.

Our Expert Project and Program Services Include:

  • End-to-end Delivery of Projects and Programs
  • Leadership Staffing
  • Coaching
  • Health Checks and Audits, with Recommendations and Recovery
  • Project Management Governance and Policy Development
  • Value-Add Project Management Resource Support (e.g., Subject Matter Experts, or Project Coordinators)
  • Organization-Specific Project Management Training


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