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Project Portfolio Management brochure:

Portfolio Management

If your organization is like most, it is tackling more and more strategic projects every year. These projects typically consume precious resources and often fail to generate their equal in beneficial results; meaning the real challenge for businesses today has become building strategies for managing projects that match the needs of the organization, while capturing full value.

Executing and delivering on the intended benefits of strategic projects remains one of the primary challenge facing organizations today.  Companies grapple with implementation, and often fail, as the vast majority lack an effective internal mechanism to manage projects and ensure they achieve their maximum potential.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides a solution. This discipline organizes project requests and manages work within a strategic context effectively, by:

  • Connecting Strategy and Execution
  • Meeting Demands for Agility and Speed
  • Ensuring an Objective Process in Project Selection
  • Supervising Increased Activity and Complexity (in Regards to Risk, Budget, and Resources)

This is the major value of Watershed CI’s PPM Assembler. Our proprietary PPM Assembler model provides organizations with a framework to effectively manage strategic portfolios.

Our Clients Benefit From:

  • Consistency of Project Prioritization and Selection
  • Creating and Sustaining a Balance of Strategic Objectives
  • Effective Decision Making Through Right-Sized Governance Processes
  • Transparency, Agility, and Speed
  • Accurate and Standardized Information and Analysis

Some of Our Service Include:

  • Portfolio Management Concept Introduction and Training
  • Collaborative Development of Organizational Specific Portfolio Management (PPM) Environments – Structure, People, Processes, and Tools
  • Coaching of Portfolio Management Staff
  • Evolution of Existing PPM – Adding Functionality, Improving Process Effectiveness
  • Audit, Recommendations, and/or Implementation


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