How well does your organization

develop its talent?

Organizational Growth, Personal Development, and Employee
Retention Through Change Integration™

Talent development is an overlooked opportunity when it comes to organizations staying competitive and retaining valued employees. It’s the key to both attracting and holding on to the type of talent that will grow and support an organization into a successful future.

Any organization can offer a course or certification, but the real value for both employer and employee comes in a more personalized approach to learning and development. Watershed CI focuses on people engagement, to provide individualized organizational and personal development opportunities with sustainable benefits and results.

There is a distinct correlation between talent and organizational performance. Recognizing this and responding with innovative learning tools and techniques in order to develop talent makes sense for organizations that want to improve and either gain or maintain momentum.

A Tailored Approach Makes the Difference:

  • Information is more easily understood and retained
  • Improves retention rates and strengthens loyalty
  • Increases engagement and productivity
  • Individual needs and concerns are more likely to be addressed, leading to valuable contributions that might otherwise be missed

Growth Through Change

The need for talent development can become even more evident when organizational change or transition is involved. Regardless of the size of the transformation, implementing strategic and personalized learning opportunities not only helps manage the challenges presented by the change but strengthens and grows an organization.

Change is an opportunity for individual and organizational growth. Watershed CI excels at guiding organizations through the development and delivery of learning strategies aligned with the strategic direction of their business.

Enterprise-Wide Capabilities Include:

  • Assessment of Organizational Culture, Including Change Capacity and Readiness
  • Benchmarking of Top Leadership Against Industry and Organizational Standards
  • Definition and Implementation of Learning and Development Strategies
  • Identification and Development of Future Leaders
  • Customizable Technology-Based Training
  • Scalable Program Development and Delivery
  • Alignment and Integration of Learning and Development Outcomes
  • Ongoing Reassessments of Key Teams

Change Initiative Focused Offerings Include:

  • Customized Support
  • Individualized Comprehensive Assessment of Current vs. Required Skills
  • One-on-One Personalized Development Programs, Pathways, and Coaching
  • Extensive Leadership Assessments
  • Skill Development Workshops

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Each organization comes with distinctive needs, cultural considerations, levels of maturity, and tolerances for complexity. Watershed CI is able to identify and weigh these factors to select the appropriate solutions and ensure meaningful results, no matter what your organization needs.


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