People change management that fits your organization

Engaging people and people change management in the workplace remains unpredictable. Over the past 10 years, awareness of the impact of change – both to people and of people undergoing transformation – has grown amongst organizations. As a result, progressive organizations now welcome the second generation of organizational change management – the ability to integrate a structured approach while maintaining flexibility.

People engagement at Watershed CI encompasses:

  • Comprehensive people change management best practices
  • Conscious inclusion of cultural considerations
  • Integration of industry-leading organizational design elements within relevant processes

People engagement benefits

Organizations must focus on engaging stakeholders fully, whether on a critical initiative or in increasing their capability and capacity. History indicates an undeniable correlation between low levels of change maturity and high levels of adoption failure. Only by focusing on people change management can organizations ensure success.

Effective people engagement and people change management practices produce:

  Higher change adoption rates

  Motivated employees

  Involved stakeholders

  Better decisions leading to realization of desired benefits

Our people change management approach

As experts in the field of Change Integration™, we recognize that one size does not fit all. Each client comes with distinctive needs, culture, level of maturity and tolerance for complexity. We weigh these factors when selecting the appropriate people engagement solution – this ensures the suite of deliverables achieve high-quality, customized results.

Initiative focused services

• End-to-end people change management delivery
• Change related strategies and plans
• People engagement health check
• Change initiative review and turnarounds
• Coaching and mentoring for leaders and practitioners

Enterprise-wide capabilities

• Build enterprise capabilities through customized people change management frameworks
• Build and evolve change management offices (CMO)
• Assess effectiveness and maturity
• Define and implement strategy for change across the enterprise
• Governance and organizational development related to OCM

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