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Managed Staffing brochure:

Mitigate Risk with Managed Staffing

The statistics surrounding strategic project failure rates are sobering and managing risk is critical to the success of these initiatives. Watershed CI’s Managed Staffing service can help to mitigate some of these risks by delivering benefits far beyond traditional Staff Augmentation. We provide experienced and proactively managed resources to ensure successful delivery of your projects.

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The Risks of Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation through recruitment agencies typically ends once a consultant is selected, the deal is done and the client is fully responsible for managing the resource. Agencies don’t understand the clients’ business, lack the hands-on project expertise to assess the quality of the work being delivered and are slow to address potential issues if they arise.

In most cases, the on-site consultant rarely hears from the agency unless something has happened or when a contract is coming up for renewal.
Sound familiar?

The Watershed CI Difference

Watershed CI’s unique focus and practical, hands-on knowledge underpin the success of our clients’ projects. We approach Managed Staffing from a very different perspective:

  • We treat all client engagements the same way as if we were managing the project directly.
  • We only work with high-caliber, senior level practitioners, rigorously vetted by our industry professionals.
  • Our assigned Engagement Lead schedules bi-weekly touch points with both consultants and clients to discuss deliverables and milestones.
  • We provide support to placements with mentoring, access to a range of proven methodologies, tools and IP to ensure a positive engagement with the client.

Benefits of Managed Staffing

Ongoing communication and support are critical to the success of our placements. Watershed’s Managed Staffing service supports our onsite resource and supplements the efforts of the client oversight. This approach ensures transparency and provides valuable insight, enabling us to address any concerns or issues early and avoid any potential pitfalls that could impact the success of the engagement.

Consider the benefits of Watershed CI’s Managed Staffing approach:

  • Proactive resource management
  • Consultant delivery and knowledge support
  • Timely issue identification and resolutions
  • Cost reduction based on knowledge retention and lack of time for consultant replacement
  • Effective risk management for better results


Real success for Watershed CI means being able to work with our clients as partners, building the right teams and supporting the accomplishment of their projects. Find the perfect consultant for your project today.