Strategic initiative management engineered for success

Through effective strategic initiative management, organizations turn ideas and business strategies into business benefits. In our global business environment, an ever-increasing number of organizations recognize the value of investing human and financial resources in developing exceptional project and program management expertise and discipline.

Strategic initiative management at Watershed CI encompasses:

Strategic initiative management benefits

Project and program management apply structure while maintaining flexibility; both disciplines are now widely accepted practices proven to generate business benefits. At Watershed CI, our project and program management expertise assists clients in organizing strategic initiatives into an integrated program of projects, providing transparency as well as the ability to see and understand the impact of interdependencies on business objectives.

Clients gain the ability to:

checkmark  connect strategy with execution

checkmark  meet demands for agility and speed

checkmark  ensure an objective process in project selection

checkmark  manage the increased level of activity and complexity of projects

checkmark  understand risk with respect to budget, resources and deadlines

Our strategic initiative management approach

As experts in the field of Change Integration™, we recognize that one size does not fit all. Each client comes with distinctive needs, culture, level of maturity and tolerance for complexity. We weigh these factors when selecting the appropriate people engagement solution – this ensures the suite of deliverables achieve high-quality, customized results.

Enterprise-wide capabilities

• Build enterprise capabilities through customized frameworks
• Build and evolve Project Offices (PO)
• Maturity and effectiveness assessments
• Governance and organizational development

Initiative focused services

• Delivery of end-to-end initiatives (projects and programs)
• Project and program health checks
• Coaching, mentoring and support
• Initiative reviews and turnarounds
• Initiative governance

Project portfolio management (PPM)

• Build enterprise PPM capabilities
• Assess PPM effectiveness and maturity
• Governance and organizational development for PPM
• PPM related technology assessment and implementation

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