Financial Services - Insurance Case Study

Change Management


As a dominating insurer in the market providing high-quality Canadian home, auto and business insurance, our client had grown rapidly through multiple acquisitions. Very little integration was completed for the acquired organizations, business processes and associated technology.
Due to increased complexity and rising costs, a strategic decision was made to undertake a large ten-year program to replace multiple legacy systems with one platform. This would put pressure on the amount of effort required around the change aspects of this program within the business areas.


Specific to the impact to people (stakeholders both internal and external), issues were expected which included the management of doubt concerning the selected solution, the scale of changes to business processes, job roles and sustaining the proficiency and adoption rate on a new system.
Given the size and criticality of the program, there was a perceived need for more formal processes and application of best practices regarding change management. There was little expertise and experience within the organization related to change management and our client recognized that they needed help to ensure the success and sustainment of this change.


Our team conducted a review of the strategy, approach, structure and plans for effective change management for the program and provided recommendations to position the change management team and their effort for success. Through workshops with relevant client personnel, two surveys and review and analysis of relevant experience of internal resources and existing documentation regarding the change management approach and plans, our consultant identified significant gaps.
Two assessment reports were delivered. The first report addressed short term needs related to mobilizing and engaging change champions within the organization. The second more comprehensive report was developed using best practices that identified key gaps and specific recommendations for gap closure.


Each phase was delivered on time and within budget. The impact on the user community was exceptional. Our consultant brought 25 years of experience in the Insurance industry and specific and commensurate experience effecting identical change initiatives.
Our consultant’s ability to understand the context and speak the language of the industry enabled us to complete the assessment very quickly and position our client’s internal team for smooth implementation.

Why Watershed CI?

As experts in the field of Change Integration™, we recognize that one size does not fit all. Each client comes with distinctive needs, culture, level of maturity and tolerance for complexity. We weigh these factors when selecting the appropriate solution – this ensures the suite of deliverables achieve high-quality, customized results.