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Change Management Office Brochure:

Change Management Office (CMO) Services

While similar to a Project Management Office (PMO), in that a Change Management Office (CMO) offers a centralized group within an organization to provide insight and focus, a CMO concentrates solely on the people side things. A CMO is the support for any change projects or initiatives, leading them in the right direction and providing the reinforcement needed to ensure success.

Effectively, a CMO is a PMO’s counterpoint that ensures the people component of any project or transformation is accounted for, so that the PMO can achieve its current or future goals. It provides consistency for those involved in change, allowing for repeatability and self-sufficiency in the long term, by helping build up an organization’s internal change resources.

Organizations have different ways of operating, as well as different expectations. We work with clients to ensure we provide the right combination of our offerings to meet their needs, and then tailor them to custom fit that organizations requirements.

This is achieved through our Change Office Advantage, a framework adapted from our highly successful Project Office Advantage©. Our framework is a flexibly structured way for us to quickly and efficiently set up a CMO within an organization, and has a proven track record of helping our clients achieve their goals.

Some of our offerings, and the support they can provide within your organization:


Our experts can step in to provide knowledge, such as best practices and processes, to guide the existing change leads within an organization. This could be useful if a project is derailed, or an organization is seeking guidance leading up to, during, or after a change initiative.


Methodology and framework can be supplied that ensures an initiative or transformation is done uniformly and consistently. Compliance focused offerings are particularly useful for organizations that have regulatory concerns or want to gain structure.


A center of learning to help internal change managers or leads develop skills. This could include training or coaching to help an organization cultivate the resources necessary for present or future change, as well as an opportunity to provide employee engagement.


Specialist resources that provide the support needed for a project or initiative. Operational support supplies an organization with experts who are able to identify and complete any necessary change work; they would report to the CMO, which can place them when and where they are needed.

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Our maturity model helps an organization evaluate and increase their capacity for change. This is the ideal way to show where an organization currently is in regards to their goals, identify where they would like to be, and create an actionable plan to close any gaps needed for improvement.

An effective CMO makes a huge difference in achieving success and realizing benefits, no matter what the industry. Contact our experts for more information on shaping change in the best way possible to meet your organization’s needs.


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