Implementing strategic change through people

Watershed CI developed the Change Integration™ approach to assist clients in implementing strategic change. We consider the impact on and of people throughout the transformation process – from establishing strategy to realizing benefits.

Here’s what we know about implementing strategic change:

checkmark  Every strategic change involves people

checkmark  Most failed strategies underestimate the people component

checkmark  While change starts at the top, it is achieved from the bottom

checkmark  People own the change they help create

checkmark  Leadership alignment at every level underpins all effective transformation

Effective change only occurs when the right initiatives are delivered through the right people at the right time. To achieve the goal of implementing strategic change sustainably, Initiative Management and People Engagement practices must be fully aligned. At a practical level, this is exactly what Change Integration achieves.

Change Integration supports organizations undergoing transformation in two fundamental areas:

Initiative Focused Change

The successful execution of specific strategic initiatives through projects and programs, including:

• assessments and health checks
• project and program delivery
• review and recovery
• project-based services
• managed resource placements

Building Organizational Capability

Developing an organization’s capability to support all future change efforts more effectively via the following tactics:

• establishing areas of practice (PMOs and CMOs)
• building frameworks
• training and coaching
• governance
• advisory services

Change Architecture

To implement strategic change seamlessly, the integration of people change with initiative management and business process must occur at a deep, detailed level. We have developed our Change Architecture framework to achieve this detailed level of integration.

Watershed CI reflects Change Integration™ and Change Architecture components in all of our services related to initiative focused change and organizational capability development.

Benefits of Implementing Strategic Change through Change Integration™

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