Is your change management process

disconnect from project activities?

Change Integration™ Brochure:

Successful Organizational Change Gets Personal

Strategic change involves and impacts people.

No matter an organizations size, industry, or culture, successful and sustainable change can’t be achieved without the people that make up that organization. Transitional road blocks arise by means of delays, resistance, and derailment when a connection between people and change isn’t made.

  • Organizational strategies fail when they do not account for the personal impact and challenges created by change.
  • Without establishing communication and transparency from leadership an initiative can’t be successful.
  • People resist change when they don’t feel a part of it and their needs aren’t accounted for.

Change Integration™

Change Integration™ is Watershed CI’s unique philosophy and approach to strategic change, which involves integration on two key levels:

  • The consideration of people throughout the transformation process
  • The appropriate application of change management and project management disciplines

By considering the people side of change throughout the transformation process, from developing strategy and planning through to implementation and benefits realization, our clients are able to avoid the challenges usually associated with change.

The second key factor of Change Integration™ relies on strategic application based on our past successful client partnerships, industry knowledge, and deep understanding of change management best practices. Leading practice and experience tells us that when change management and project management disciplines are properly integrated projects have the best chance of success.

A Blueprint for Success

Our proprietary framework for implementing Change Integration™ is Change Architecture.

Change Architecture is the nuts and bolts of Change Integration™, in that it pinpoints when and where to use Change Integration’s™ two key elements. It gives organizations an individualized blueprint for practical application, for example:

  • This specific project needs people consideration integrated at all of these specific points and milestones, and also during this project step
  • This organization’s transformation will require these specific project and change management disciplines integrated in this way, during these steps and at this milestone

Watershed CI reflects Change Integration™ and Change Architecture components in all of our services, whether we are delivering a single project or partnering with clients to enable optimized delivery of all their future projects. Our experts are able to provide guidance and plans tailored to an organization’s unique challenges and needs, in order for them to successfully achieve their goals.

Focused Change

Clarity through project, program, portfolio, and change management, including:

  • Assessments and Health Checks
  • Project and Program Delivery
  • Review and Recovery
  • Project-Based Services
  • Managed Resource Placements

Building Organizational Capability

Developing an organization’s capability to support all future change efforts more effectively, via:

  • Establishing Areas of Practice (PMOs and CMOs)
  • Building Frameworks
  • Training and Coaching
  • Governance
  • Advisory Services

Each organization comes with distinctive needs, cultural considerations, levels of maturity, and tolerances for complexity. Watershed CI is able to identify and weigh these factors to select the appropriate solutions and ensure meaningful results, no matter what your organization needs.


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