Building Enterprise-Wide Change Capability

Ensuring your organization can change rapidly, frequently, with minimal disruption and realize the maximum benefits by sustaining the transformation is exceedingly hard. There’s a lot of information out there on the topic but very little practical effective advice. Stop reading theoretical articles and talk to someone who has a pragmatic approach to achieving what you need.

According to PROSCI, 40% of the CEOs within a range of sample organizations it surveyed indicated that the development of enterprise-wide capacity and capability to plan for, deliver and sustain their enterprise-wide transformation agendas is a top priority. Yet when the covers are lifted at these organizations and questions are asked what are they actually doing? How much of a priority is this really? And if it is a priority, why are the necessary budget, resources and time not being committed to developing their resilience in terms of managing and leading change using an enterprise-wide approach?

Could it possibly be because these organizations are constantly bombarded with free webinars, offered nuggets of wisdom, tips if you like, to guide them in developing these types of structure, with little to no follow through in terms of actual guidance and advice that will walk them through the activities needed?

Almost Like Analysis Paralysis.

It’s no wonder that without a practical and realistic plan to develop these types of enterprise-wide change structures, the idea typically dies on the vine. It becomes just another strategic priority for an already saturated executive who must ‘keep the lights on’ whilst trying to figure out the future pathway of the organization. Amidst the need to answer to shareholders, to generate increased revenues, to ensure government initiatives are delivering value and being innovative, somewhere the idea of adopting an enterprise-wide approach to delivering change gets de-prioritized or worse, forgotten about.

I recently had the opportunity to work with a client that is serious about putting an enterprise-wide change structure in place. As part of this, I reviewed and conducted a bunch of research in this area. I researched leading, household consulting firms, as well as boutique players and what they are doing in this area. I signed up for the free webinars, the invitation-only events and downloaded a mountain of research.

None of them, none of the research, the free webinars, the invitation-only events actually help real people in real organizations to set up enterprise-level change capability in a practical, realistic and appropriate timeframe.

None of Them.

So, for my client, we have had an amazing opportunity to develop a practical, realistic and meaningful plan that will help and guide them as they embark on this journey. It’s still early days, though they now have a complete picture of everything they need to set up and implement an enterprise-wide change structure. With the right plan and mindset, they will.

This Got Me Thinking and I Have an Idea.

What if a consulting firm existed that openly gave its ‘IP’, ‘secret sauce’, ‘unique differentiators’ to clients as part of the ‘getting to know you’ phase of the consulting/client relationship? Now that could be seen to be a gimmick to be novel but what if it was truly done with the intention of actually helping organizations with no expectation of anything in return? In my world, that would be truly disruptive – disrupting the way consulting is ‘done’, as well as the way that ‘IP’ is accessed and used by organizations that need it.

I could use the rest of this blog to provide ‘snippets’ or ‘valued insight’ into the way we would recommend setting up an enterprise change structure. I could provide just enough information to peak your interest, to get you to sign up for a newsletter etc.

I’m Not Going to do That.

What I’m going to do is different – I’m proposing that you and I have an actual conversation. I’m not going to send you a link to sign up to receive our newsletter, where you receive carefully drip-fed information over the course of a laid-out timeline.

An Actual Conversation. Remember Those?

If you’re interested in setting up, implementing or reviewing how effective your enterprise change structure is, simply contact me and I will gladly spend an hour of my time to understand where you’re at and give you an honest appraisal of the things you may consider addressing at this point in your organization’s journey. I’ll even sketch out the practical steps and provide a basic guide to introducing this concept within your organization.

And I’ll do this just because I enjoy the process of helping people in organizations figure out their challenges, so they can sleep better at night.

You don’t have to hire us to do any subsequent work – I just want to play a role in helping you do the right thing, at the right time and in the right way for your organization. It’s easy to be bombarded with all the research, the carefully extracted statistics and the fancy, shiny consulting language and tools – I want to help you avoid that.

Still reading? If so, I challenge you to be different and reach out to me – what have you got to lose?

I’d love to hear your thoughts – what do you think about this topic?

At Watershed CI, we have supported a range of large scale clients in a range of sectors as they have planned for, delivered and sustained their organizational wide transformation agendas. A key part of such support in recent years has been to help these clients with how they have developed enterprise-wide change structures.


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