Developing Talent: Essential for Business Success

Organizations today face unprecedented challenges and opportunities as they seek to develop their talent. Your talent expects and needs to be developed and provided with opportunities to contribute and excel. Without these opportunities, employees will leave, or worse, remain uninspired and unproductive within your organization….good talent is hard to find and is becoming harder to keep.

With increasing diversity in how people learn and how leaders are identified, developed and motivated, high performing organizations recognize the correlation between talent and organizational performance and are responsive to developing their talent using innovative learning tools, techniques and approaches.

At Watershed CI, we understand that the way we learn continually changes. We guide organizations through these challenges, helping them to develop and deliver relevant learning and leadership development strategies based on the application of practical methods and tools aligned with the strategic direction of their business.

With a long and proven track record in leadership development, learning program development and delivery as well as practical coaching, Watershed CI and our selected Learning partners have the complete range of experience in developing customized learning programs, coaching and leadership development programs for staff, non-leaders, existing and aspiring leaders in public and private sector organizations on a global scale.

Initiative focused services

  Support for senior executives, directors and managers leading or involved in business transformation efforts

  A comprehensive assessment of current vs required skills needed at an individual level to deliver your organizational goals and business priorities

  1:1 customized learning and leadership development programs, pathways and coaching

  Assessment of your leader’s ability to lead – evaluation of leadership performance to focus on “role-fit”

  Skills development workshops for high potential leaders

Enterprise wide capabilities

  Assessing organizational culture, capacity and readiness for introducing an enterprise level approach to learning at all levels

  Benchmarking assessments of an organization’s top leaders against industry and organizational leading practice

  Defining and implementing a learning and development strategy for how organizations develop their frontline talent

  Leadership development programs to assist with identification and development of future leaders and employees

  A technology-based training platform for more customized learning

  Program development and delivery suited and scaled to your organizational needs

  Alignment and integration of learning and development outcomes with enterprise wide skills, competency frameworks and existing learning programs

  Ongoing re-assessment of key teams

What is at stake if your organization fails to develop or keep developing your people?

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