As a strategy execution firm, we’ve developed the Change Integration™ approach to rapidly and effectively deliver change throughout an organization – early, often and everywhere.

Watershed CI is a strategy execution consultancy; we specialize in people engagement and initiative management. The firm was born of the merger between SPM Consulting and Diabsolut’s management consulting practice. Our history encompasses over 20 years of successfully helping clients add value to their organizations through the effective execution of their strategic initiatives.

Our strong belief is that to successfully execute strategic initiatives you must develop and harness people’s ability to change. Consideration of the people impacts of change are at the core of everything we do, from our approach to change management to the way we manage projects and programs.

Watershed CI seeks to modernize change practice to reflect organizations and people as they really are – interconnected entities with multiple, major organizational shifts happening in parallel. We’ve developed the Change Integration™ approach to rapidly instill change throughout the organization – early, often and everywhere. Change Integration™ recognizes resilience, capacity, culture and capability as integral drivers not only of a firm’s performance, but also of its longevity.

As experts in the field of Change Integration™, we recognize that one size does not fit all. Our team understands that each client comes with distinctive needs, culture, level of maturity and tolerance for complexity. We weigh these factors when selecting the appropriate solution – this ensures the suite of deliverables achieve high-quality, customized results.

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